As you are aware, the North Penn Lacrosse Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization. As such, we are dependent on the generosity of you, the parents whom put forth the time and effort to make our club function. It's you that drives your kids to the practices, cheer our team on at the games and see team sports as important to your child's development. So, thank you for choosing lacrosse as the sport, as the tool, to support that development. 

As we consider the future of the club it is clear that we need your help!  In restructuring our costs we strove to reduce registration fees while increasing the experience and opportunity for your kids.  In 2013, we implemented a per-family volunteer requirement. Just a couple of hours over the four months season is all we ask, many hands make light work. However, we also realize many of us have limited time to volunteer, and sometimes work seeps into our "days off". So for the paltry sum of $50, absolve yourself of all volunteer duties.

All the position and duties - all of the ways that you can contribute your time to helping the club, will be laid out in the coming weeks.